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Bart Green helps individuals, married couples and small businesses seeking protection from their creditors and to get a financial fresh start through the bankruptcy process.

Bart Green has handled thousands of bankruptcies for individuals, married couples and small businesses over the past 34 years. He serves clients throughout the Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, Emmett and Middleton areas. We like to meet with you in person to discuss your financial situation, evaluate it and make recommendations to you on how we think it would be best for you to proceed. The experience Mr. Green has obtained in having represented thousands of clients over the course of several decades gives him insight into what might work best for you that less experienced lawyers simply will not have. We take personal and attentive interest in and approach to your case. You can call Mr. Green and speak to him directly at (208) 898-9978. If he is in a client appointment or court hearing and is unable to answer your call, please leave a message and he will return your call as soon as possible.

Bart Green has received the Professionalism Award from the Commercial and Bankruptcy Section of the Idaho State Bar. This is a recognition by his peers, other bankruptcy and commercial lawyers, that Mr. Green does a very professional job of taking care of and representing his clients.
The need to file a bankruptcy can be caused by many situations in life. Let’s face it, no one wants to file a bankruptcy. But sometimes doing so is in your best interests and can help get you back on a solid financial footing. The many causes of the need to file include job loss, divorce, medical bills, difficulties with one’s business, a drop in income or business due to the Covid pandemic, credit card debt, falling behind on house payments, being sued by collection agencies and facing a garnishment, bank levy or foreclosure, as well as tax liabilities which need to be resolved.


  • Filing a bankruptcy case can stop a foreclosure sale and help you cure the arrearage.
  • Filing a bankruptcy can stop a state court lawsuit from going forward.
  • Filing a bankruptcy can stop the garnishment of your wages, a levy of your bank account or the seizure or attachment of your other property.
  • With over 34 years of bankruptcy experience, Bart Green can help you determine whether it is in your best interests to file a bankruptcy, and if so when is the best time for you to go forward with filing, what kind of assets can be protected for you throughout the process, and how best to get you relief from your creditors and get a financial fresh start.

What’s Involved In Filing For Bankruptcy?

First, a petition is filed with the US Bankruptcy Court. The filing package is on average about 50 pages for a Chapter 7 and slightly more for a Chapter 13. Court filing fees are $313.00 for a Ch. 7 and $310.00 for a Ch. 13 in addition to reasonable legal fees.

  • Will I Lose Everything? In a Chapter 7 the debtors may “exempt” and keep certain assets, such as a certain amount of equity in their home, if any, also, equity in a car, or possibly in two cars or trucks, if a married couple is filing jointly. Debtors may also exempt and keep a certain amount of furniture and household items. The specifics of this will depend on the particular facts and circumstances of your situation. We can go over this with you in detail when you come in to meet with us.
  • Are All My Debts Wiped Out? Some debts may not be discharged: Federal and state taxes incurred less than three years prior to the time of filing, most student loans, child support and alimony are usually non-dischargable.

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